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Who We Are

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We Are Tank De Light

We were born in the heart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the idea of sticking to its motto "to make a better world through education, research, and innovation."

Our scientists who specialize in the Energy sector, are at the cutting edge of Energy Storage. From our base in San Diego, California, we are designing the most advanced energy storage systems in the market.

Our systems are currently being used all over the United States to provide back-up energy to buildings using solar panels to capture power.  This energy, instead of going through the meter and into the Grid, is stored into our storage systems, creating Micro-grids, making these buildings energy-self-sustainable. Freeing our customers from power bills, and bestowing them with independence in case of catastrophes or major power outages caused by either malfunction or evil-harm to the Electric Systems (Grid).

Our team

We are a group of Engineers from MIT, CalTech, along with a group of Serial Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitals committed to solving the energy sector problems in developing nations.

Most Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Our customers in the US are looking for energy-independence, security, reliability, and protection. However, we noticed that not a single company in our field was paying any attention to the energy problems affecting third-world nations.

Thus, we decided to put ourselves to the task of helping these peoples, by designing solutions specifically designed to cater to their unique needs.  In many developing nations, due to a variety of reasons, the Grid is unreliable, unstable, and continually affecting the normalcy of these people's lives.