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Tank de Light

Always On

TankdeLight is an Advanced Energy Storage System manufactured by our company to provide you with reliable back-up energy any time there is a power outage. Unlike any Power generator, our systems are quiet, maintenance-free, require no fuels or lubricants of any kind, and have zero emissions. TankdeLight was designed for indoor use, our systems are Noise-Free and Emission-Free, so you are Worry Free.

TankdeLight is ideal for buildings with limited space, limited ventilation, and places where noise (the likes produced by Power Generators) cannot be admitted. They are ideal for your home, apartment, office, small commercial spaces and a wide variety of places and uses.

Our systems can store any were from 3KW to 15KW. However, since they can be installed in series, storage capacity can be custom made to meet any particular energy backup needs.

TankdeLight can be charged directly from the grid 110-112V AC or from Solar Panels. It can also be charged through a power generator of any kind.
Our products are also designed for Micro-Grids, so with the use of a solar or wind system, or a generator you can be self-sustainable and produce and store your energy needs entirely off the Grid. However, they set the perfect solution during power outages in spite of the connection to the Grid.

Thanks to our advanced electronics, TankdeLight also provides Peak Load Reduction and Frequency Regulation. Protecting your electronics from voltage peaks and variations, like those produced whenever energy returns from the Grid after a service interruption.

Product Characteristics

  • Emissions-Free

    TankDeLight uses sealed, maintenance-free batteries that work free from emissions of any kind.

  • Noise-Free

    Unlike Power Generators, our systems have no mechanical parts, no friction, no traction, no heat (hence no fans); thus, they are silent.

  • Operation-Free

    TankDeLight requires no intervention for activation, its electronics sense power interruptions and switch automatically, providing energy during any power outage.

  • Temperature control

    The chemistry and electronics of TankDeLight do not generate temperature fluctuations that require mechanical, and chemical temperature regulators.