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Maximum Quality Standards

We have specialized in designing Advanced Energy Storage Systems (AESS) specifically to meet the needs of developing nations.

Hitherto, no other company has worked in designing Systems to help people power their homes and businesses during power outages, like the ones in third-world countries.

Every other Energy Storage System in the market place was designed with First-World needs in mind, generally intended to provide back-up power to homes and buildings using solar panels as an energy source. Hence, these systems were designed to be charged using low-voltage Direct Current (DC). TankDeLight instead, can be charged directly from the Grid using high voltage Alternate Current (AC). However, our systems are equipped so that they can take charge from any energy source (AD or DC); Solar, Power Generators, Windmills, and the Grid.

When the AESS detects a power failure, it takes over, switching instantly in an unnoticeable manner and start providing energy from its storage. It switches so fast, the only way to notice is through the beeping alarm that activates once the system starts giving energy. This beep will last for a few seconds, just to let you know of a power failure and to warn you that the energy being used comes from the AESS.

Our systems will provide back up energy to as many circuits as the customer decides. However, we recommend its use primarily for critical circuits, avoiding any inductive loads such as electric heaters, stoves, dryers, etc.

Risk-Free From Explosions.

You do not have to worry. Older technology batteries were indeed very explosive. Using old technology batteries was very risky for any puncture -however small-, could trigger a nasty explosion. However, our systems were designed with the most advanced cutting-edge batteries technology available in the market; therefore, they are not explosive. Our Lithium-Ion (LiFeMnPO4) batteries can be subjected to hits, punctures and smash of any kind risk-free from explosions.

Simple Life

SL: an acronym for "Simple Life," which is a Plug-and-Play System that does not require installation. This system is intended to serve small homes and spaces with a limited energy need. This system is good enough to power your Refrigerator plus a few additional electronics or appliances. Think of it as a large-scale Power Bank, which you plug-in for charging and once charged you plug your devices into it.

Professional Instalation

PI: an acronym for "Professional Instalation," which is a System that does require installation by a certified electrician. These systems are intended to serve more significant energy needs, and they are good enough to power larger loads for more extended periods.