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Working as a rechargeable giant-battery of massive proportions to provide back-up energy, any time there is a power outage.

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Advanced Energy Storage System


TankDeLight uses sealed, maintenance-free batteries that work free from emissions of any kind. Our batteries are sealed for their chemistry requires no breathing or relieving valves because they generate no emissions.

Quiet System

Unlike Power Generators, our systems have no mechanical parts, no friction, no traction, only a little heat, and operate almost silently. 

Maintenance Free

TankDeLight is designed to require no maintenance whatsoever. Its electronics are guaranteed to last ten (10) year and provide up to 1000 charges without any intervention. 


TankDeLight requires no intervention for activation, its electronics sense power interruptions and switch automatically, providing energy during any power outage.

Temperature control

The chemistry and electronics of TankDeLight do not generate temperature fluctuations that require mechanical, and chemical temperature regulators. 


Startup Time time is only a fraction of a second, so switching from the Grid to our systems is instantaneous, automatic, and silent. So you will only know there’s a power failure thanks to the system's beeping signal.

Who we are

We were born in the heart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the idea of sticking to its motto "to make a better world through education, research, and innovation."

What We Do

Our scientists who specialize in the Energy sector, are at the cutting edge of Energy Storage.  From our base in San Diego, California, we are designing the most advanced energy storage systems in the market

Who we serve

Our technology are currently being used all over the United States to provide back-up energy to buildings using solar panels to capture power. 

  • Step 1

    Unpack Tankdelight battery vertically following the arrows on the package. 

  • Step 2

    Plugin Tankdelight battery until the dashboard lights up. 

  • Step 3

    Flip the big red switch from "off" to "on" and connect your appliances. 

Product line description

TankDeLight is an Advanced Energy Storage System manufactured by our company to provide you with reliable back-up energy any time there is a power outage.

Unlike any Power generator, our systems are quiet, maintenance-free, require no fuels orlubricants of any kind, and have zero emissions. TankDeLight was designed for indoor use, our systems are Noise-Free and Emission-Free, so you are Worry Free.

TankDeLight is ideal for buildings with limited space

TankDeLight is ideal for buildings with limited space, limited ventilation, and places where noise (the likes produced by Power Generators) cannot be admitted. They are ideal for your home, apartment, office, small commercial spaces and a wide variety of places and uses.

Our products

In many developing nations, due to a variety of reasons, the Grid is unreliable, unstable, and continually affecting every day’s life events of people on these nations.
So, in response, we designed TankDeLight  in two versions...